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Display Your Message Crystal Clear with Next-generation Wall Displays!

Know it all about the large fascinating LED walls here. We all have often seen walls in a healthcare facility being cluttered with countless posters, one over the other, creating bad visuals and definitely, useless to deliver any specific message to the audience. With technology rapidly seeping into our lives, we bring you the best solution here, i.e. LED walls. Generally people says its Wall Displays.

Irrespective of the surroundings, these bright attention-grabbing walls can be mounted anywhere, inside or outside the healthcare unit.

Being weather-proof, these are an immense hit even in the most unfavourable circumstances where the paper posters might just not survive. LED walls are flexible and rigid, making them relatively simpler to maintain, even when compared to large-scale wall projectors.

One can totally manage the placements based on the distance from where you want to display the information.

Being one of the most trending products in modern age digital display screens, these cost-effective LED walls come with hassle-free installation, and with reduced potential costs for repair.

In comparison to any other display methods, these are compact hence taking up only space as much as required giving you complete control over the content management in a digitalized manner. Excel in grabbing the most eyeballs, all at once, and ensure higher ROI with out-of-home advertising.

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Here’s How Digital Signage Can Help you Serve Global Patients!

Initially, these digital signs can be extremely helpful for providing services in the best manner to patients from abroad. The majority of the digital signs including touch kiosks, LED scroll boards, digital way-finders, etc. are multilingual, which makes the job easier for you. Hence, language is no longer a barrier! A multilingual self help kiosk definitely beholds the future.

In this fast-paced environment, people do not want to spend another minute figuring out solutions, they want everything served to them in no time. With international patients onboard, your services need to be updated and quick enough to tackle such situations.

Digital standees or touch kiosks can help you understand their requirements in a better way with the help of interactive features. Patients would not feel the need to interact with staff about anything.

In such cases, a patient walking into the hospital has language barriers, a fear to be guided by the unknown. They might also feel dependent on middle men to guide them, but digital signage solves it all with its interactive & multilingual features!

Touchscreen directories can be easily configured to offer foreign language support depending on your business environment, it further improves communication with the patients. This also enables you to work at your maximum potential and unfold greater opportunities.

At times, people are going through a rough stage in life, the least they want is not to attract more stress. Digital signage can eliminate patients’ frustration keeping them engaged and help result in peaceful surroundings all the time.

With these processes, get an easy hold on content management, and customize it as per your needs and requirements. It can easily be done considering the target audience.

Many hospitals have dedicated help desks for international patients too but at times, they can be occupied. It might make the visitors hesitant to reach out for minor information including availability of nearby cheap lodges to stay, foreign money exchange, ATM, etc.

The solution we propose makes it easier for the healthcare facilities to serve them in an adequate manner.

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Looking for Permanent and More Tech-savvy Ways to Connect with Your Customers

You have just landed at the right place!

These days, digital signage has become a crucial aspect for the majority of industries including healthcare. Video walls now comprise the important ways to communicate with your patients in the best possible manner, ensuring they receive a versatile healthcare experience.

Talking more about it, Video Walls are highly cost-effective, often replacing costly arts in larger spaces. While the huge, vibrant displays provide an unmistakable service for your visitors, it also eliminates the issue of resolution limitations.

Flexible layout options make it easier for the staff to present the required information in the specific ways they want.

These can be a smart solution for the healthcare sector because of their capability of drawing eyes wherever they’re placed. It eliminates the element of tension between multiple departments working out to display their crucial information as multiple creatives can be displayed at the same time.

This makes it easier for each healthcare unit to present respective information without worrying about space anymore, just like that!

Each screen provides a competitive performance for thousands of hours without even a little loss in quality, hence low maintenance. Level up customer engagement with powerful processing capabilities of video walls.

Change the content in just a few clicks on moving ahead with this super-efficient solution. Still wondering?

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Why The Time Has Come to Replace Traditional Signages with Digital Signage Solutions?

The usage of digital signage solutions has increased multiple folds over the period of time. It is undoubtedly because of the versatile functionalities it offers to organisations. Not only does digital signage software work well for a specific industry, but it adds more value to the same.

Digital signage solutions
are a perfect hit for any specific industry dreaming desired results. Talking more about its usage, one can say that such advanced solutions are more reliable and hence, more effective than traditional signage systems.

Consider opting for digital signage solutions for centrally managing content on your TV screens ensuring that you add value to your customers’ experiences.

Amidst the chaos created by this global pandemic, more businesses have been understanding the importance of switching to digital signage software to digitize their static communications.

This can also help you update the content remotely however and whenever needed, without requiring your physical presence at the location.

Digital signage solutions offer numerous benefits as listed below:

  1. Faster Implementation- It is no secret that with the advancement in technology, the majority of the processes have picked up speed. Similarly, using digital signage software eliminates the long waiting time, ensuring results for time-sensitive marketing.
  2. Better Interactivity- Digital signage solutions provide a memorable experience for a user. This is another unmatchable quality that printed signage cannot compete with.
  3. Reduced Costs & Paper Wastage- In comparison to traditional signage methods, digital signage software is way more compatible with zero paper wastage, i.e. it is completely environment friendly, and also it helps reduce costs of printing too.
  4. Boost Impulse Purchase Sales- As per a study, digital signage solution increases possibility of a consumer to buy. It helps them make a faster decision for purchasing the item. Hence, it gives you another reason to begin with digital signage software today.
  5. Reduce Load on Manpower- Digital signage solutions allow you to give a break to your workforce, or put them onto more essential services. Boosting the efficiency of the employees has never been this easy.

Need more reasons to make up your mind in purchasing the right digital signage software? Say no more. We, at Sparsa, offer an end to end solution for changing your static communications to digital communications.

Starting from selecting displays to ensuring successful playout on each day to proactive monitoring & field support.

Our list of digital signage solutions includes :

  1. Screen selection – 1.5-inch display to displays equal to full wall size (20-30 ft or more), LCD, LED or E-Paper Displays.
  2. Media player selection – Android, Linux, Windows, WebOS, Tizen, Pi or Microcontrollers.
  3. Devising appropriate CMS as per media player (Cloud-based content hosting / local setup)
  4. Existing Content Adaptation as per screen type or New Content generation.
  5. Content scheduling as per location, day & daypart.
  6. Backend content play monitoring.
  7. Field support across 7 major cities (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata & Chennai) Feel free to contact us now, or book a free demo with our experts today! Make the most out of digital signage software before it’s too late.

Why You Must Consider To opt for Digital Signage Solutions ?

With the rise in technological advancements in the present era, it has become rather easy to grab more eyeballs. It is only possible while using the latest available assets that we have.

It includes digital signage boards and the wide variety of solutions it offers to all major industrial sectors. From retail to logistics, advanced solutions like digital display boards and digital signage standee make things easier for all business types.

These solutions are highly effective, from grabbing the attention of more people to saving time for each one of them.

Are you also among the ones who are still struggling to get more customers on board?

We are here to help you get familiar with some tech-savvy solutions that might save your time as well as money altogether. Replacing the regularly printed standees with a digital signage standee can be a smart choice!

It is very beneficial in making your spaces clutter-free, helping them look more advanced, as well as they are well-known for reducing perceived waiting time too. Similarly, digital display boards are also recommended for all businesses, irrespective of their size and domain.

They are a great tool in helping viewers land on the final conclusion sooner. Hence, whether it is a digital signage standee or a digital display board, it can bring your enterprise a lot more even than expected.

You Know Why Opting for Digital Signage Solution is a Smart Choice

Digital signage solutions are dynamic, and they are aligned as per the latest technology. They act as a catalyst for solving problems for businesses.

Talking more about digital signage standee, one can easily say that not only it is cost-effective, but acts as a sales booster too. The same goes for a digital display board too. It is very effective to convey crucial information to your visitors but also helping them in making critical decisions.

Both the digital signage standee and digital display board are very flexible when it comes to upgrading the displayed content as well. One does not require to be physically present for doing the task, rather their locally/ centrally managed systems are smart enough for this.

People have been relying more on digital display boards more now than ever, but there has not been a significant increase in the presence of digital signage standee.

Leveraging the power of such powerful tools can take businesses to new heights in a comparatively lesser period of time. Using digital display boards increases your market value in real-time, boosting the in-store presence of potential customers.

However, on the other hand, digital signage standees comprise a great way of driving up sales, boosting margins alongside. Until this decade, it had never been so easy using digital signage software at such cost-effective pricing, but now it is possible.

One can also consider that digital display boards or even digital signage standees are among the most customizable forms of publicity, and therefore, this is one of the biggest advantages that enterprises can avail while making a purchase of the same.

These highly advanced tech-savvy solutions (those like digital signage standees or a digital display board) demand minimal maintenance, or are often considered as a one-time purchase. It saves you the time of getting new prints every time you wish to change the display content.

It saves your energy and money as well. These are among the top trusted sources when it comes to helping potential customers making a decision. They tend to rely on these bright LED attention-grabbing displays prior to making a purchase.

Boost Your Sales with Tech-savvy Digital Signage Solutions Today

According to Independent Retailer, digital signage can increase overall sales volume by nearly 32%. Digital signage standee offers an interactive gateway that allows visitors to understand the brand’s motive in a much clear manner, also it helps businesses to communicate with their customers efficiently.

Digital display boards, too, are a great way to advertise your brand’s unique identity in a seamless manner. We are already in an era where effective marketing is a thing. If you did not do it right, you did not do it at all.

Whether it consists of introducing loyalty programs or enhancing business strategies, digital signage solutions can help make things easier for you. So, if you are still wondering, can a digital signage standee or a digital display board be capable of bringing the required target audience towards your brand?

You are just at the right place. Our experts at Sparsa can help you pick customized solutions under digital signage, specifically tailored as per your needs and requirements. Connect with us today and begin your journey with digital signage solutions now.

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The Future of Digital Signage Display in The Modern Era

With the world progressing towards technological advancement, it has become easier to keep up with the latest trends with digital displays that include digital display boards, LED walls, digital signage standee, and what not!

Let’s talk about some of these life-changing advancements that have helped businesses outgrow in the present era.

Usage of Digital Display Board & Digital Signage Standee

The use of digital display boards and digital signage standee has increased multiple folds in the last few years, considering their capabilities and unmatchable advantages. Whether you are visiting a mall or a hospital, you would have seen these bright displays drawing your attention towards them. And guess what?

It is what they do! Apart from offering a flexible display option, digital display boards are often called the problem solvers too due to all the right reasons. Want to know how?

Cost-effective- Usage of digital display board results in guaranteed cost saving as it eliminates the costs of printings and installation every time. Its one-time installation charges serve the purpose for years! The same goes for digital signage standees too, they are a lot cheaper than printed standees and look more attractive too.

Environment friendly- Apart from helping you to stay in energy-saving mode, these digital display boards demote the use of paper, and hence they play a great role in environment conservation too. Imagine having an organized space with no cluttering but still being able to deliver the required information, that is what digital signage standees do.

Clutter-free display- Unlike printed posters or leaflets, digital display boards encourage modern and clutter-free spaces that give out the first-class impression to the visitors too. A win-win situation? Of course. Similarly, digital signage standee promotes the culture of modern equipped work environments.

Interactive Solution- These bright like LED digital display boards offer a smart yet interactive platform to the audience to keep themselves occupied and hence lower the perceived waiting time too, at least by 60%. Interactive digital signage standee can help your visitors make a quicker and better decision, and therefore, promotes sales too.

Centralized Control- The content being displayed on the digital display board can be changed or controlled by centralized or locally controlled systems. These are under the complete supervision of the admins. The same goes for the digital signage standee, display content can be changed remotely whenever and however needed without any hassle.

And that is not all. These super-effective technological solutions are what most businesses need in the current scenario to excel in terms of growth.

No matter if it is a digital display board or a digital signage standee, each of the solutions offered under ‘Digital Signage’ has proved to be highly useful.

Both of these incredible solutions- digital display board and digital signage standee have gained tremendous responses due to their effectiveness and various other reasons promoting their usefulness.

Today, most of the businesses, from F&B to entertainment, from insurance to finance, are leveraging the power of these incredible solutions like digital display boards and digital signage standee.

Both of these are extremely reliable and can be totally trusted even in case of harsh climate changes. Taking an example of the global pandemic when all hospitals, restaurants, etc. were told to move forward as per the COVID-19 guidelines, that is when the contact-less solutions worked miraculously.

Now, imagine getting important information without physically touching a leaflet or a menu, but instead just looking at the digital display board or the digital signage standee. How does that sound?

Sometimes, it is not just about keeping up with the latest trends, but also about keeping a note of the target audience’s requirements and needs. So, if you are among the ones who have not begun with these digital signage solutions till now, you are missing some great stuff.

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Find your Best Way Out for Greater Customer Engagement

The answer lies within the judicious use of digital signage, read more to know-how. Technology ramping up at a great speed, it is important to upgrade the way the world interacts. Healthcare is a fast-paced industry with a demanding environment, but smart usage of Interactive Touch Kiosks can help you serve patients effortlessly, giving them an experience of a lifetime. Make the most out of intelligent AI capabilities for seamless interaction with the visitors.

From patient check-ins to reduced staff costs, interactive touch kiosks can help you do it all. This smart solution delivers faultless performance even under the most demanding circumstances.

Being centrally/ locally controlled makes administrative functions easier allowing better utilization of existing staff members.

These not only help in streamlining multiple processes but also provide you with an opportunity to communicate with your visitors in a better way.

Imagine putting up dedicated staff to physical kiosks, and with the amount of time & energy it would require, it is highly recommended to implement the use of touch kiosks to increase efficiency. Managing content is now just a few clicks away!

In a survey compiled by Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS, it was reported that over 85% of the respondents got the necessary information by making use of touch kiosks, without bothering the staff in any manner.

With zero internal dependence, display content seamlessly & maximize your revenue opportunities with third-party advertising, as & when needed. Touch Kiosks come under simple & inexpensive ways for enhanced patient experience.

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Reasons to Get Started with Digital Signage Solutions Today

Undoubtedly, Digital Signage software has emerged as a powerful tool that can be used in countless ways to take your business to new heights. Organizations across various domains have started leveraging the power of this technology to meet the unique & tailored demands of the customers. Adding value to your services requires something extra! And that’s where Digital Signage solutions come into play. Whether it is about increasing a company’s visibility multiple folds or creating better impressions or improving communication with the customers, it covers all.

So, are you ready to know more about this miraculous solution?

In this era of ever-changing technology, one needs to move fast in order to stay ahead. There is a possibility that people might have become accustomed to the traditional display methods but there is always a scope of improvement, and digital signage software acts as a catalyst in this process!

Continue reading to know more about some of the great benefits that such solutions can provide, and we hope it will change your mind:

  1. Saves Time- The first, and the foremost benefit of utilizing the power of digital signage solutions is that they often help companies save time.

    Unlike traditional displays, it requires almost zero or negligible time to change digital displays as and when needed. It eliminates the need of getting regular printouts, hence saving your time and money altogether.

  2. Clutter-free Display- Another benefitting reason to move forward with this advanced solution is space utilization. Unlike printed posters or standees which require more space & lead to a disorganized display, digital signs help you maintain a clutter-free space.

    Moreover, advertising in a modern way using digital signage software gives you more chances to redirect the audience towards a positive brand image.

  3. Cost-Effective- Apart from the initial installation of the digital screen, you would not be bearing any other extra costs. Unlike traditionally printed menus or leaflets that require timely replenishment, digital displays are in your control completely. So, if you are still thinking why choose digital signage solutions, your answer is right there!

  4. Greater Attention- In comparison to old-fashioned displays comprising standees, flex boards, and more, it is proven that digital signs have a higher retention rate. People tend to recall these signs for a comparatively longer period of time (approximately over 80%) due to combined features like movement, graphics, sound, etc.

  5. Lower Perceived Waiting Time- No one likes to wait in lines! With the use of digital signage software, you can help your potential customers by eliminating the waiting factor. This way, they can form their opinion on what they need to buy/ shop for, before actually getting to the source.

    According to research by Checkout Lines, 69% of shoppers said that waiting lines are the most irritating part of shopping! We hope we just helped you eliminate that factor via digital signage solutions.

Still, looking for more reasons to get started with digital signage software? Need not worry, our experts got your back. Contact us today to book a free demo consultation that will help you jump to a conclusion!

Don’t miss chance to celebrate your donors digitally, and say ‘Thanks’!

Gone are the days of putting countless posters on the wall for appealing or appreciating your audience for donation drives at the facility. With display donor boards express your true feelings with the visitors and elaborately share your donors’ stories. Give them freedom with interactive touch screens allowing access to online stories just a few clicks away.

Interactive Touch Screens Manage content on donor boards with easy accessibility. Since unlimited content can be uploaded at any time, it also allows users to know more about donors and their experiences in a detailed manner. Display your cause effectively with minimal/ no costs each time, unlike wall posters.

Customize your donor boards keeping the requirements of your target audience in mind. Also, get a chance to go for dynamic branding alongside or utilize the space for third-party advertisements to generate additional revenue.

Encourage the patrons by interactively appealing to them with digital boards making them realize the importance of the work they are doing. Augment reach of your donation drives/ campaigns ensuring the goals are met.

Not to mention, make the best use of the available space using a mounted screen on the wall, unlike numerous posters making the facility look outdated and old-fashioned.

Sounds interesting?

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Unmatchable benefits of Digital Standees That You Just Can’t Avoid

Replace your regular standees with next-generation digital standees to always stay ahead in the competition.

Usage of old-age printed standees can make your space look cluttered and disorganized. Not to mention that since these standees have a specific limit for the addition of the content, one might have to place more than 1 of these to convey the required information at times.

Whereas talking about digital standees, this modern-age solution is a perfect fit for all major industries from hotels to airports and many more. Being compact and portable, these can be easily moved from one place to another.

Centrally managed content makes it easier for the administrator to update the information as and when needed. These are cost-effective too because a one-time purchase can help you go on for years, unlike frequently printed standees for each upcoming event.

The interactive touch-screen standees can perform faultlessly for many years without any kind of degradation in resolution or quality. These are also known to reduce the perceived waiting time of the visitors by 42%. What’s better?

In the present era, consumers need something to get attracted to, and this modern-age solution is what all businesses require. Saving costs and paper wastage at the same time, these attention-grabbing LED frames are highly useful to increase sales while iterating your marketing tactics.

Leverage the power of video to make long-lasting impacts on people’s minds. Wondering what else is there?

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